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Devine Gardens, LLC

Owner: Tina Jacobs
Address: 4015 Ryan Rd., Morrisville, NY 13408
Phone: 315-663-1675   Fax: 315-655-5744

Devine Gardens LLC produces contaminant free, high quality compost products with special help from composting worms which add vast amounts of beneficial microbes.

Drover Hill Farm

Owner: Ed Potrzeba, Jr.
Address: 1 Morse Rd, Earlville, NY 13332
Phone: 315-691-3276  Fax: 315-790-6565  Cell: 315-794-3909
Website:  Facebook: droverhillfarm

Drover Hill Farm is a 600 acre working farm in operation for over 35 years.  Our emphasis is to produce the finest quality Beef, Lamb, Chicken & Pork.

Hartwood Farm

Owner: Maryellen Sheehan & Matthew Robinson
Address: 5258 Irish Ridge Rd., Chittenango, NY 13037
Phone: 315-655-5652

We are a family farm specializing in vegetables and eggs for a community supported agriculture program and the farmer’s markets.  We grow all of our products from our Fenner Farm and only use practices approved for organic production.

Mountain Grown Farm

Owner: Kevin and Lacey Cashman
Address: 3251 Bush Rd., Jamesville, NY 13078
Phone: 301-335-1434
We are a non-certified organic small family farm specializing in heirloom and unique vegetables.

7 Trees Dairy Goats

Owner: Marva Hogan
Address: 4871 Roberts Rd, Cazenovia, NY 13035
Phone: 315-655-9610  Cell:  315-382-4065
We are a dairy goat farm located in Perryville, NY producing a variety of goat cheeses that we sell at local farmers markets and directly from our farm.

Dizzy Lizzie’s Farm

Elizabeth Blackburn

3823 Sanderson Road
Erieville, NY 13061
Phone: 315-662-7565  Cell:  310-403-6061


We are Certified Organic first generation family farm located south of Tuscarora Lake. We are proud to offer fresh produce, potted plants, cut flowers, garlic, maple syrup, eggs, and a u-pick berry patch with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Visit our website.

Hannay Miniature Horse Farm *

Gene and Mary Smith, Owners

4453 Michigan Road
Cazenovia, NY 13035
Phone: 315-655-9748

We breed miniature horses for sale, train miniatures for driving, use them as therapy horses, and show them. We also grow and sell hay for cattle.

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Cazenovia Garden Club

President – Pauline Ireland

Membership Chair – Barbara McCall

PO Box 54
Cazenovia, NY 13035

Cazenovia Garden Club’s mission is to encourage the art of gardening, to create an awareness of conservation issues and to beautify Cazenovia through the seasons.