Farmer’s Market

Times and Dates

2017 Summer Market

  • When: Every Saturday May 13 thru October 28
  • Where: Canon Park
  • Time: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
It’s all local, and it’s all good!
Registration for the Cazenovia Summer Market is underway with returning vendors. Application needs to be returned by March 31, 2017.

Questions? Contact Market Manager Aileen Randolph


7 Trees Dairy Goats
Owner: Marva Hogan
Address: 3123 Perryville Rd, Canastota, NY 13032
Phone: 315-655-9610 Cell: 315-382-4065
soft and aged, feta, cheese curds all goats milk

Cazenovia Cut Block
Owner: Jennifer Hughes
Fax: 315-655-2787
Address: 2770 Rt 20 East Cazenovia, NY 13035
Cazenovia Cut Block is a family run, custom woodworking business. We offer unique gifts for weddings, birthdays, showers, or hostess gifts.  We also create custom tables, countertops, cutting boards, bowls, etc.  We have free gift wrapping available in our showroom.

Creekside Meadows Farm
Owner: Patricia Park
Address: 2242 Reservoir Road, New Woodstock, NY 13122
Phone: 315-662-7988  Cell:  315-720-2141
Creekside Meadows is a diversified, nurturing land healing, grass based Family Farm.  We’ve been grazing since 1998 and proudly , healthy, safe, nutritious high quality, and delicious 100% Grass Fed Beef, Silo-Pastured Pork, Pasture Raised Poultry, Farmstead Soaps, Maple Syrup and wood crafts.  All our products are raised by us on our farm.  We believe that animals grazing grass in holistic managed ways is integral to improving soil fertility, regenerating top soil, protecting waterways and improving air quality.  Thank you for supporting our family farm and voting with your fork.

Devine Gardens                                                                                                                   Owner: Christina Jacobs
Address: 4015 Ryan Rd., Morrisville, NY 13408
Phone: 315-663-1675

Devine Gardens makes fantastic, contaiminant-free compost and vermicompost with the help of our friends, red wiggler composting worms wo that gardeners can enjoy healthy, productive plants without the use of harmful chemicals.  We are located halfway between Cazenovia and Morrisville in the town of Nelson.

Dizzy Lizzie’s Farm
Owner: Elizabeth Blackburn
Address: 3823 Sanderson Rd., Erieville, NY 13061
Phone: 315-662-7565
produce, fruit, garlic, maple syrup, eggs, and herb plants

Drover Hill Farm
Owners: Ed Potrzeba, Jr.
1 Morse Rd.
Earlville, NY 13332
Phone: 315 691-3276
Cell: 315-794-3909
Website: on facebook
Drover Hill Farm is a 600-acre working farm in operation for over 35 years.  Our emphasis is to produce the finest quality Beef using the best cattle available.  Our Beef is dry aged 21 days; we also offer Berkshire Pork, Lamb and Chicken with consistency in all of our meats.  We grow our own Hay to feed our animals and support other local farmers.  Also located on the farm is a modern equestrian center called Preston Hill Farm.

Fenner Alps Fiber Farm
Owners: Louis & Cindy Desimone
Address: 5042 Nelson Rd, Cazenovia, NY 13035
Phone: 315-655-5467
We produce yarns from our fiber animals. We raise mohair goats and cashgora goats. We also produce handmade finished items such as shawls, handwarmers, scarves and bears.

Frosty Morning Farm
Owners: Alison and Karl Frost
Address: 4211 State Route 13 Truxton, NY 13158
We’re a small, certified organic family farm selling a large assortment of certified organic vegetables, herbs, fruit, herb plants, vegetable plants, and cut flowers. We also sell potted perennials, jams, handmade natural goat’s milk soap, organic home grown dried herbs, organic medicinal herbal extracts, herbal salves and lotions, aromatherapy blended oils and air freshener sprays.

Heart Stone Artisan Bakery – Alambria Springs Farm
Owner: Amy Yahna
Address: 834 Musician Rd, Earlville, NY 13332-3126
Phone: 315-837-4709 Cell: 315-825-5889
We handcraft artisan breads and pastries using local flours and grains sourced from Gianforte farms in Cazenovia and Farmer Ground Flours in Trumansburg along with select flours from King Arthur flours. Our breads and pastries are baked in a wood fired masonry oven that yields products that have incompariable crusts and crumbs. Our breads are almost exclusively cold fermented using natural ferments that results in unique tasting breads. Many people who have previously have been unable to comfortably eat other breads, are able to eat ours and enjoy them. We look forward to serving the GCACC market with pride and much gratitude for this special opportunity.

Hartwood Farm
Owners: Matt Robinson and Maryellen Sheehan
Address: 5258 Irish Ridge Rd Chittenango, NY 13037
We have fruit, root, salad and green vegetables, and herbs – grown locally.

Hunka Foods, Inc.
Owner: Suzanne Anthony
Address: 7527 Woodcrest Rd., Baldwinsville, NY 13027
Phone: 315-622-7509 Cell 315-263-7095
All specialty gluten free, dairy free, vegan/paleo w/natural, organic & non gmo ingredients.

Kriemhild Dairy Farms
Address: 730 St. Rt 12B, Hamilton, NY 13346
Phone: 315-333-2336
Kriemhild Dairy is a small scale business that believes in quality and providing our customers with satisfaction.  Not only do we make our Meadow Butter for bakeries and restaurants but for the community that we live in and for our family and friends as well.  Our Meadow Butter is made from our grass fed cows milk with no added ingredients, just the delicious sweet cream (and salt for the salted butter).  Our process starts with Bruce and Nancy’s colorful herd that are rotationally grazed and milked daily.  The sweet cream is then slow churned into an 85% butter, made seasonally available year round.

Local Roots
Owners: James and Ada Yoder
Address: 2869 Fenner Road
Phone: 315-655-1043
Local Roots Farm is committed to supplying you with healthy, organically raised food for you and your family.  We are a small family farm located 3 miles east of Cazenovia on Fenner Road.  Stop by our booth at the Winter or Summer Farmers Market or Visit the Farm to see our selection of:  Pastured eggs from chickens fed with organic grain, Local raw honey, Maple syrup, Summer Vegetables, Winter greens, Baked goods, and freshly ground pancake mixes.

Meadowood Farms
Manager: Veronica Pedraza
Address: 5157 Ridge Rd, Cazenovia, NY 13035
Phone: 315-655-0623
Pasture raised lamb, belted Galloway beef, soft and hard sheep cheese, soft and hard cow cheese and crackers.

Mountain Grown Farm
Owner: Lacey & Kevin Cashman
Address: 3251 Bush Rd, Jamesville, NY 13078
Phone: 301-335-1434
Mountain Grown Farm is a small non-certified organic family farm specializing in heirloom and unique varieties of vegetables. The varieties we grow have been selected over the years based on flavor first. On our farm we also have a wine grape vineyard, fruit trees, honeybees, and cultivated shiitake mushrooms

Simple Roast
Owner: Matt Peirson
Address: 200 Horseshoe Dr, Syracuse, NY 13219
Phone: 315-558-4417
Fresh, Locally roasted gourmet coffee.

Studio Botanika
Owners:  Michele Damati McCaffrey
Address: 759 N. Salina St., Syracuse, NY 13208
Phone: 713-972-2870
A company specializing in creating all natural milk based soap. We use goat’s milk, goat yogurt, whipping creme or half and half. We combine these natural ingredients with carefully selected oils: shea butter, avocado butter, cocoa butter, olive oil and more. We use essential oils derived from exotic plants. The design of our packaging awakens your visual senses as does the scent of our soap.

Sweet Indulgence Bakery
Owner: Jari Mallette
Address: 6755 Buckley Rd., Syracuse, NY 13212
Phone: 315-806-9866
Retail and Wholesale full service bakery. Pastries, cookies, cakes and much more. All items are made from scratch with the best local ingredients. We are a family owned and operated small business.  Mother/Daughter bakery.  Recipes dating back 150 years from both grandmothers.  We cater weddings & parties etc..

Three Village Cheese Co.
Owners: Kyrie Felio/Tom Felio
Address: 2608 Newport Rd, Poland, NY 13431
Phone: 315-794-9545
Three Village Cheese is part of a revival of small artisan cheese makers in upstate NY.  The Felio family started the business in 2009 with two goals – make great cheese and support small dairy farmers.  They’ve successfully done both.  The combination of high-quality locally sourced cow and goat milk with hard work and creativity has led to the development of an exclusive line of award-winning cheeses which rival imports while providing a boost to local agriculture.  Our cheeses include Feta, Havarti, flavored Havartis, Halloumi, and aged cow and goat milk cheeses.

The Cazenovia Skin Care
Owner: Emily Ayres
Address: 2236 Rippleton Cross Road, Cazenovia, NY 13035
Phone: 315-345-3222
Tallow Balm

Stone Brothers Farm & Greenhouse
Owner: Thomas Stone, JR.
Address: 3652 Milestrip Rd., Canastota, NY 13032
Phone: 315-420-7442
Brown eggs, Greens, Storage Veggies

Children’s Stories
Owner: Kimberly Archer
Address: 760 Keeney Rd., Fabius, NY 13063
Phone: 315-378-2263
Website: www.
Children’s stories written and illustrated by Kimberly

Lucky Moon Farm
Owner: Sue & Claude Brown
Address: 4976 Lincklaen Rd., Cazenovia, NY 13035
Phone: 315-655-2283
Fruits, Vegetables, Honey, Maple Syrup, Plants and Flowers (dried)

Gianforte Farm
Owner: Judy Gianforte
Address: 5882 E. Lake Rd., Cazenovia, NY 13035
Phone: 315-877-1742
Certified organic flour, beans, cornmeal, rolled oats

Rossi’s Catering Company
Owner: Richard L. Rossi
Address: 8958 Stephens Rd., Canastota, NY 13032
Phone: 315-264-9154
Sampling hot foods